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The History

Chu-San's Silver Folly born on Mar 16, 1959
Am. Ch. Chu-San's Silver Folly
Gimli Mithril Cotton born on Dec 21, 1972
Gimli Mithril Cotton

Beispiel Fotogalerie


32 Bildergalerien

Sample Samoyed pedigrees

Taimyr  Taro De L`ille Blanche
Lealsam Turning The-Page
Duschjenka Moja of Icing Wolf
Sweet Xevalier
Maiken's Katja-Nova
Feodosija Sewernij Zagadka of Icing Wolf
Ikiliikkujan Winterfrost
Peregrina Pearl Iz Moskovskoy Metely
Apolar Nordic King OSky Forger
Heaven¿s Spirit of Icing Wolf
Bea's Kalea Of Nordicspirit Polarlights
Dream Chaser's Dream Diamond
Polar Mist Party at LunaSea
Quicksilver N Promise's It's All About Dusty

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